Learn to Lead

President of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) Gerard Ee,
observes that Sylvester's CCA experiences in the School of Accountancy
have developed his character, training him to be a leader and building his
confidence, which will open doors for Sylvester's future.
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Discover New Horizons

Partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP and Former ISCA President,
Dr Ernest Kan, lauds the overseas experience which his daughter,
Accountancy student Annabelle, has gained during her time in SMU.
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Broaden your Mind and
Your Heart

SMU School of Accountancy alumnus Lim Kexin taps on her
university experiences to juggle her passion for community 
service while making a name for herself in the industry
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Enjoy a Supportive
Learning Environment

SMU School of Accountancy alumnus Dinesh S/o Uruthiramoorthy
enjoyed the closely-knit community and supportive culture of the school.
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Welcome to School of Accountancy (SMU)

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Programme Overview

Master of Professional Accounting
An accredited programme that provides a pathway for entry into the accounting profession from non-accountancy disciplines.

SOAR Accounting Symposium

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Why SMU Accountancy?

Bachelor of Accountancy
The SMU BAcc is designed to produce professional accountants who possess the attributes and skills that are needed to thrive in a knowledge-based economy.

MSc in CFO Leadership

The SMU MSc in CFO Leadership (MCFO Programme) is the first postgraduate degree programme specially designed to develop CFOs and finance leaders. The distinctive feature of the programme is its unique focus on the CFO function in today's modern organisation.

School of Accountancy Research (SOAR)

SOAR strives to facilitate SoA faculty members to conduct first rate research, and to serve as the platform for the dissemination of knowledge.

Forging new frontiers

22 Jul 2015
 “People often associate employment agreements and severance pay with managerial power and entrenchment.

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Media Coverage

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SMU Associate Professor of Accounting (Practice) Themin Suwardy commented on the inaugur

SMU Industry Night – Accounting, Audit, Tax and Consulting

30 Nov 2015

Over 80 alumni, faculty and staff attended the SMU Indus

We live in strange times

27 Nov 2015

SMU Adjunct Faculty Larry Haverkamp identified five things happening in today’s financial market that go beyond stran


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