Employers Value SMU BAcc Graduates

Mr Bal Bagary, Managing Director of Finance, Barclays, explains why SMU Accountancy graduates are much sought after by big names in the industry.

Discover New Horizons

President of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and Partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, Dr Ernest Kan, lauds the overseas experience which his daughter, Accountancy student Annabelle, has gained during her time in SMU.

Develop Your Self-Confidence

CFO Singapore of ABN AMRO, Ms Julia Teo, observes that her son, Accountancy student Dwayne, has transformed into an articulate individual who is keen to share his ideas with others.

Be Career-Savvy

CFO of UOB Group, Mr Lee Wai Fai, feels that the multiple internships that his son, Accountancy student Lee Lin Ze, completed, placed Lin Ze in good stead to attract employers.

Become an All-Rounder

Partner and Head of Tax at Ernst & Young Solutions LLP, Ms Chung-Sim Siew Moon, is amazed at how her daughter, Accountancy student Joanna, is able to juggle an active student life and develop into an all-rounder.

Be Sought After by Employers

Executive Partner of Gartner Advisory, Mr Wong Yuet Nan, has observed that his son, Accountancy alumnus Wong Neng Yang, has gained confidence through his various SMU experiences, enabling him to stand out among his peers.