Real-World Readiness

Become Career Savvy

Pro-active involvement in the vibrant student life on campus allows students to hone their leadership potential and qualities, while internships let them gain real-world perspectives and discover new insights on their career choices.

At SMU, besides equipping our graduates with the technical knowledge and skills necessary for their future jobs, career preparation adopts a start-to-finish approach comprising career talks, employer networking, career counselling, resume writing and ‘The Finishing Touch’ course which imparts etiquette, grooming and interview skills.

At the school level, the School of Accountancy (SoA) encourages students to immerse themselves in real working environments to prepare them for the working world. Accountancy students have opportunities for multiple internships in different companies either locally or overseas. Such exposure enables students to familiarise themselves with a variety of working environments and adapt more quickly in their careers.

Internship Opportunities

In addition to imparting technical skills and know-how to students, SoA aims to groom students into confident individuals prepared for the working world. The best way to do so would be to immerse students in an internship which emulates the experience of a full-time employee in the organisation.

In AY2013/14, 47% of our students opted to intern in the Big 4 and accounting firms, about 24% chose to intern in the finance, insurance and trading industries while the remaining intern in industries such as consultancies, law, manufacturing, MNCs and government organisations.

SoA introduced a Modified Term 2 to create a unique internship window from December to February, which coincides with the accounting industry’s peak period. This provides students with the optimal first-hand experience of a career with the Big 4 and/or other accounting firms.

Our students have found their internship experiences so beneficial that many opt to do multiple internships to explore the various career options available to them. On average, more than half of our students do 2 to 6 internships, which help them make informed career choices. Many are also talent-spotted and receive 1 or more job offers before they graduate.

Internships Overseas

In recent years, an increasing number of BAcc students have opted to pursue internships overseas. In AY2013/14, our students pursued internships in countries such as Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and USA, working in MNCs such as Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.

These students who opt for overseas internships have the opportunity to gain both international exposure and training experience simultaneously. They also have the privilege to observe business environments beyond Singapore and understand business cultures in other countries. Such experiences help prepare students to be internationally mobile in their careers.

Vibrant Student Life

The vibrant student life at SMU also offers a myriad of opportunities for students to develop both leadership and team player qualities. Students can accumulate more real-world experience from being actively involved in student activities; entrepreneurial pursuits; taking on prestigious competitions and/or volunteer work etc.

Student Clubs and Associations

There are over 100 student bodies at SMU that cater to the wide array of interests of the student community, from serving in student associations to participating in clubs for arts, sports, special interests and community services.

Along with university-wide events such as Freshmen Teambuilding Camps and Patron’s Day, student life at SMU is incredibly rich and fulfilling. Co-curricular interests round up a vibrant and diverse education experience at SMU where students can develop skills which will guide them in their future careers.

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Last updated on 19 Aug 2015.

Ko Hock Seng
Accountancy Student 2012
Interned with UBS AG, Project Management
“The key takeaway from my internship at UBS AG was the exposure through the many interactions with stakeholders of the project, including senior officers in the Bank. I’ve also come to learn that, while technical knowledge is a necessity, it is the communication skills – that I have honed continuously in school – that really gave them the assurance that I am capable of delivering of what is required of me.”
Lee Lin Ze
Accountancy Alumnus

Management Associate
"The practical experience from internships and the global exposure has really made me a lot more marketable to employers. I think today, employers are really looking for well-rounded individuals and not just students with technical abilities, which is a given for almost all applicants anyway. In fact, I have managed to secure a job already although I am six months away from graduation and it's really attributed to my experiences in SMU and also the internships that I have done."