Strong Employability

The SMU BAcc is recognised as a hallmark of academic excellence by employers. Our graduates are highly sought after by major employers and command higher mean starting salaries than their peers from other local institutions.

Graduate Employment Survey 2017 Results

The Graduate Employment Survey (GES) is conducted annually to survey the employment conditions of the graduates, 6 months after their graduation. Starting from GES 2008, the Ministry of Education has been publishing the results of the key employment indicators of the survey across 3 universities to provide prospective students with timely and comparable data to assist them in making informed course decisions.

Positive Employment Outcomes

With up to 29% higher mean starting salaries (according to GES 2017), SoA graduates continue the trend of commanding stronger mean starting salaries as compared to their peers from other local tertiary institutions. 

The table below compares the starting salaries of Accountancy graduates in 2017 across 3 universities.

Please click here to view the detailed results of the GES 2017 for all 3 universities.

Last updated on 07 Mar 2018 .