The Future-Ready Accounting Professional

The accounting professional of the future must be able to think  strategically, communicate effectively and be tech-savvy in order to unlock the opportunities which technology has created for the accounting profession. 
In 2017, the Committee on the Future Economy for Singapore’s Working Group on Legal and Accounting Services recommended that to groom the next generation of future-ready accounting professionals, institutes of higher learning should design curriculums that emphasize cross-disciplinary and practice-oriented learning, and more importantly, infuse technology into the accounting curriculum.
The SMU Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) programme is designed to achieve this.


Accounting is the cornerstone of any economic system and ccounting knowledge will be an asset for any organisation within or outside the accounting industry. Equipped with the skillset of a future-ready accounting professional, your career possibilities are endless.
“With rapid Digitalization and Big Data being key drivers to the new sharing economy, it is important and critical for accountants to stay abreast of developments, embrace learning data technologies and analytics to provide insights to Businesses.”
Ms Annie Lee, Executive Director, Group Finance, Group Financial Planning & Analytics (GFP&A), DBS Bank

Develop into a Future-Ready Accounting Professional

Accountancy graduate Ms Belinda Teo Hui (Assurance Manager, Singapore, Ernst & Young LLP) is a future-ready accounting professional and Mr Christopher Wong, Head of Assurance, Singapore, Ernst & Young LLP agrees.

In 2016, Belinda received the Young Accountant in Practice Award at the Singapore Accountancy Awards presented by ISCA and currently serves as the Chairperson of the Young Professionals Advisory Committe of ISCA.


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Last updated on 07 Mar 2018 .