SMU MPA x Henderson CC: Brightening Days, Bringing Smiles

17 Apr 2018

Every year, supported by the MPA10 CSR Endowment Fund, the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) Community holds a voluntary event where we give back to society. We have been having years of success where students and alumni from different countries work together to spread joy and laughter to our beneficiaries.

The MPA10 Endowment Fund supports CSR initiatives to keep the MPA community connected, stay true to the SMU giving spirit, and to achieve a holistic education. The fund will help and encourage the MPA community ‒ including alumni, faculty members, staff, and students ‒ to be more engaged in spearheading meaningful causes and activities that will benefit the school community and society.

This year, the MPA community spent a Sunday morning bringing children from disadvantaged families from the Henderson Group Representation Constituency (GRC) for a fun day out at the Science Centre and Circus Exhibition. Highlights of the event include tightrope walking, elastic acrobats, coloured rooms and a whole lot of fun and exploration. The kids really enjoyed themselves, and so did the MPA community. It definitely was a Sunday well spent!

One of the members of the MPA class committee, Gao Jin, who helped with the planning on the event shared his thoughts, “Before the event, the planning committee was dedicated to ensure that it will be fun and meaningful for the kids. Our aim is for them to have an enjoyable day with our volunteers so that they can share their experiences with their friends when they go back to school after the holidays. And for our volunteers, we wanted to create an opportunity to break out of their day to day routine, and especially for the international students, it is also a chance to know more about Singapore and connect with students from the other batch as well as the MPA alumni.”

He added that he was very satisfied with how the event went, “Although I didn’t directly interact with the kids as I was one of the key organisers, but I could tell that both the kids and the volunteers really enjoyed themselves. That made all our efforts worthwhile. Knowing that these kids come from disadvantaged families, yet, their background did not prevent them from being happy with the little things in life and I feel that sometimes this is the spirit we all need. We students tend to be always preoccupied with our own lives, stressing about our grades or trying to find an internship. Seeing these kids made me feel that perhaps we should stop  excessively worrying about what’s to come and try to slow down from time to time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.”

To see more pictures of the event, take a look at our Facebook photo album here.


Last updated on 16 Apr 2018 .