The recently launched SMU-X curriculum adopts a revolutionary approach to education by motivating students to master new skills and apply that knowledge in solving real-world problems. Download the SMU-X brochure here.

All SMU-X courses are characterised by four principles: (i) inter-disciplinary content and activities, (ii) project-based learning via an actual problem/issue faced by an organisation, (iii) active student-mentoring by faculty and industry, and (iv) three-way learning by faculty, student and client, characterised by a tripartite sharing forum at the end of the course.  In other words, for the undergraduates, every SMU-X course will combine academic with experiential learning through the heavy use of projects to challenge and inspire them to use their disciplinary knowledge and skills in tackling multi-disciplinary, real issues faced by the partner organisations. 

Find out more about SMU-X and its courses below: 

What SMU-X is about
ACCT 414 – Accounting Analytics Capstone 
(previously known as Intelligent Accounting Function)
THAR 003 – Postmodern Theatre Studies
PSYC 111 – Science of Happiness

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Last updated on 07 Mar 2018 .