Message from the Dean

The establishment of School of Accountancy Research Centre (SOAR) is an important achievement of the School of Accountancy (SoA). SOAR will serve as the platform for the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Through various activities, SOAR will further enhance the reputation of SoA.

SOAR strives to facilitate our faculty members to conduct first rate research. There are several areas that it will focus on in fulfilling this objective: creating valuable databases; facilitating joint research by SMU faculty members and scholars worldwide; and connecting academic research and industry. One highlight of the activities undertaken by SOAR is the annual Accounting Symposium. Through this Symposium, SOAR brings outstanding scholars worldwide to exchange research ideas.

SOAR will also serve an important role in disseminating knowledge.  This will take the form of organising speeches by world-renown scholars; publishing newsletters to share insights from the research conducted by SMU faculty members with stakeholders; writing research reports on financial reporting issues relevant to the industry and government agencies; and organising executive roundtables on issues related to corporate governance and corporate reporting. 

Last updated on 02 Aug 2016 .