School of Accountancy Research (SOAR)


During the past 30-40 years, accounting research has yielded significant impacts on both accounting curriculum and practice. The importance of academic research in shaping the future of the accounting profession is likely to increase in the 21st century. The ever-changing business environment and new transactions are expected to require new innovative approaches to practice and teaching. If we are to play a leadership role in shaping the future of accounting whilst contributing to the national vision of Singapore as a leading global accountancy hub, we must be involved in creating new knowledge and also in translating the knowledge into innovative approaches to teaching and practice.

To this end, the School of Accountancy Research Centre (SOAR) was established in December 2010, with the intention to "facilitate academic and industry research and the dissemination of knowledge and expertise while providing an interaction with government, businesses and professional bodies".


SOAR consists of two research arms - Academic Research and Industry Research, working in tandem to achieve its Mission, while leveraging on its core competencies in the research space which can be generally classified into accounting, reporting and governance.

To support our Mission, SOAR aims to:

  • be a centre for the dissemination of knowledge
  • showcase and leverage on faculty knowledge and thought-leadership on governance, accounting and reporting
  • provide thought-leadership education and training on governance, accounting and reporting

Research Priorities

Our research priorities include:

  • Financial performance analysis
  • Corporate governance & assurance & risk management
  • Financial intermediaries
  • Corporate reporting & disclosure
  • Accounting information systems
  • Accounting practice & education

“The establishment of SOAR will serve to enhance the School of Accountancy's position in the global arena of accounting research. In addition to a strong team of faculty helming the centre, we are pleased to have prominent scholars in the accounting field serving an advisory role, including Professor Mary E Barth from Stanford University, Professor Stephen Penman from Columbia University and Professor Katherine Schipper from Duke University; as well as enthusiastic response from our industry partners. With the firm support of academia and industry, we are confident that SOAR will lead the way in transforming Singapore's accountancy sector.”

Pang Yang Hoong, Professor of Accounting
Vice-Provost (Undergraduate) Dean of School of Accountancy

Last updated on 25 Jun 2013.