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Be a digital disruptor in the technological revolution

Duration 1 year (Full-time)
2 years (Part-time)
Deadline August 2018 intake 15 June 2018
Tuition Fees S$40,000.00 (Exclusive of GST)

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Master of Science in Accounting

Be Future Ready

Accounting and finance professionals are expected to use this big data to facilitate daily business decisions. In this programme, you will learn how to analyse large amounts of data and uncover patterns and insights that will give your firm a valuable competitive advantage.

Raising the Bar

There is a need for accounting professionals to embrace and incorporate data technology to enhance their work. Employers say they give hiring priority to accounting graduates with knowledge of data and analytics. These graduates command a premium salary as compared to their counterparts.

First-of-its-kind in Asia

The MSA programme is the first specialised Master’s degree in accounting data and analytics in Asia. Unlike any other postgraduate analytics programme, the MSA’s data and analytics track goes deep into the application of data technology in the accounting domain.

Experience the Difference

SMU has been lauded for our innovative teaching pedagogy. With the introduction of SMU-X, teaching has been given a new spin, combining academic and experiential learning, leading to a 3-way interaction involving professors, students and industry professionals.




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