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Accounting Challenge - ACE

ACE is a mobile learning app developed by the School of Accountancy. Students enhance their accounting knowledge in a fun way through fast-paced questions and answers.

The player has 100 seconds to answer a series of multiple choice questions. Each correct answer is awarded two points and one point is deducted for each incorrect answer. Students gain more time if they get the answers right within the first three seconds.

They can also gain more time through the two bonus rounds, which comprise different question types. They are also able to review their responses to learn from their mistakes. Students can post their scores to a Leader Board to compete among themselves.

Since its release, the ACE app has registered over 30,000 downloads worldwide, with the US taking top spot for the highest number of downloads. 

In 2017, ACE creators Associate Professor Seow Poh Sun and Senior Lecturer Wong Suay Peng made history yet again as the first professors in Asia to clinch the prestigious Jim Bulloch Award for Innovations in Management Accounting Education presented by the American Accounting Association (AAA). This marks the second AAA award that the pair have clinched for their work on ACE. In 2015, the duo were also the first professors outside the US to receive the 2015 Innovation in Accounting Education Award for ACE.

The ACE app has also been also awarded the CEEMAN Champions’ Award in 2013 and the Bea Sanders/AICPA Teaching Innovation Award (Honorable Mention) in 2014. Read the abstract of the paper "Using A Mobile Gaming App To Enhance Accounting Education" by Prof Seow and Ms Wong here or download the full paper here


Game Features

  • Learn accounting as you play
  • Fast-paced questions and answers
  • Test your knowledge in bonus rounds
  • Challenge one another through Leaderboards

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Last updated on 04 Jan 2018 .